The functions are well known.
The shape is new

Tomo, which means friend and companion in Japanese, gives the characteristic shape of the pocket knife a completely new look, without doing away with any of its tried and tested functions. The small companion combines renowned design from Japan with Swiss precision and quality.

Ecological Packaging

The packaging of Tomo is also different than that of traditional
pocket knives. It is made of 100% recycled and reusable pulp. The small companion even conveys a sense of exceptional far-sightedness and responsibility, which means it fits in perfectly with Victorinox's ecological philosophy.

Green Shield This ecological packaging is made of 100% recycled and reusable pulp.

This practical protective pouch made of genuine leather was created for this product.

Swiss Precision meets Japanese Design

The design and packaging are the work of Japanese Designer Kazuma Yamaguchi. His designs are just as useful as they are aesthetically appealing and are available for purchase from design shops under the design label ABITAX.

Victorinox Tomo White

Victorinox Tomo Mint Green

Victorinox Tomo Pink

Victorinox Tomo Apple Green

Victorinox Tomo Lemon Yellow

Victorinox Tomo Capri Blue

Victorinox Tomo Victorinox Red

Modern Art Cutting

Victorinox Modern Art Cutting is Victorinox’s take on the ancient art of Japanese paper cutting. To celebrate this tradition and the Victorinox Tomo as a creative tool, Victorinox have collaborated with renowned British paper cutting artist, Rob Ryan.

Tomo, meaning companion or friend in Japanese, is a notion that greatly inspired Rob when he created a bespoke piece of modern art cutting for Victorinox. The intricate artwork depicts how the Swiss Army Knife is passed down through families from generation to generation, always ready and waiting in your pocket to help. The backdrop of the piece draws on the beauty of the Swiss forests, inspired by his trip to the Victorinox factory in Ibach.

See Rob's Artwork

Watch Rob at Work

We visited Rob Ryan in his East London studio for a cup of tea and a chat about the Victorinox Tomo as inspiration for this bespoke piece of work. Rob also talked to us about drawing, Swiss folk art and why the scissors are his favourite tool in the Victorinox Tomo.

Masterclass Films

Rob Ryan takes us through some simple steps to help you create a Modern Art Cutting at home.

  • Film 1 — Rob shows us the safest way to start cutting

  • Film 2 — The best paper to use

  • Film 3 — Where to start, and which way to work around your piece of paper


Our three stencils are elements that together create whole artwork. We have made it easy for you to create the ‘Advanced’ artwork Stencil by using a layering technique. To do this, paper cut the beginner stencil, followed by the intermediate level, and layer these two together to create the final ‘Advanced’ artwork. Simple!

Turn a simple message into #alphabunting - your own piece of Modern Art Cutting - to send to a friend, or post on your Facebook page.

Write your message below and press submit to see your message recreated using our Rob Ryan designed paper cut alphabet.